January 13, 2017

If you had 87 days to paint 150 Canadian icons, where would you start?

Timothy Hoey's approach was to dive right in.

"I just started painting," says Hoey, a painter, musician, writer, tattooist, carpenter, photographer and teacher. "Not giving myself much time to think o...

There is a rich vein in Canadian art that uses our national identity as its theme. Cornelius Krieghoff made much of life in British North America, and the Group of Seven developed our True North imagery. Greg Curnoe, in the mid-1960s, made his pop-art motto “close the...

June 25, 2013

"Canada's most unrecognized artist"

Artist Timothy Wilson Hoey captures Canada's aspirations and foibles, humour, humility and uniqueness in his O-Canada Portage series. Not your typical art show, for Hoey they include a street hockey game and pop-shop soda.


Times Colonist  Amy Smart  May 2013

A Victoria artist known for painting that celebrate Canadiana in all its kitschy glory has been invited to be the first visual artist featured at the year's Canada Day festivities in London.

Fifty-five paintings from Timothy...

Artist Timothy Wilson Hoey frames his paintings of Tim Horton's "roll-up-the-rim" cups, polar bears and Peter Mansbridge, using hockey sticks.

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