TD Paint In

On Saturday July 20 as part of the TD Paint In on Moss Street (to support the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria) the first of the Beaverwood Sideshow Oddities tent was set up. The event featured a sideshow tent, banners, souvenir paintings and a healthy dose of carny magic. Yes, the Terror of the North was a Beaver with a knife, but that is pretty darn terrifying! A departure in some ways, or perhaps a return to my earlier art shows which often were more 'show' than art. This will be the first of the Beaverwood Sideshow series that will explore TRUE 'type' stories of the Beaver wood Family. Here is the story of Thomas Wilson Beaverwood, his portrait below. Thomas Wilson Beaverwood, & the B

Jann Arden picks her Canada Day essentials

TIMOTHY WILSON HOEY PAINTINGS “This man is brilliant in every way. He paints portraits of Canadians and Canada like nobody else on the planet. He lives on Vancouver Island and is the kindest, dearest, most generous man I’ve ever met." Smells Something Good painting in hockey stick frame by Timothy Wilson Hoey, $350 at Jack & Cyan.

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